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Do I have to keep in contact with The Elmer Law Firm after my case is filed? When do I need to contact my attorney to give updated information?

Posted on August 13, 2014 at 9:20 PM

Well this has been a busy Summer for us here at the Elmer Law Firm, and I am sorry I haven't gotten any new posts up lately. The simple answer to this question is yes, you need to contact your attorney anytime there is a significant change in your financial world. While this may sound like common sense to you, it is easy enough to overlook or forget about. Some common examples of events which you should always notify us about while you are in an active bankruptcy are:

• Changes in your address;

• A car accident occurs, even if you are unhurt;

• A relative passes away and you think there is a possibility that you could receive an inheritance or life insurance payout at some point;

• You want to refinance your car or your house;

• You want to sell a vehicle (even a paid for car);

• You need to buy a new vehicle;

• You need to take out a student loan;

• You get a new job, or

• You win the lottery or are about to receive any type of a windfall.


The above list is rather lengthy, but the toughest thing about it is that it is not a complete list. In actuality, there are any number of things which can arise in life which could potentially affect your bankruptcy case. While you are in bankruptcy you have an obligation to report any material change in your circumstance to the court. While something that happens in your life may not be something that gets submitted to the Court, I do need to at least be aware of most of these types of life events so that I can be sure you remain in compliance with the law.


Because bankruptcy law is complicated, I always tell my clients that anytime they have something pop up in life, they should ask themselves “Is this something my attorney will want to know about?” Its pretty simple advice, but if you ask yourself this and answer honestly you will likely stay out of trouble with the Court and have a successful case and make the most of your fresh start.  On top of everything, we always want to keep in touch with our clients and see how you are doing.  Never hesitate to call us, even if its just to say hello!

- Kenneth


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