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Auto Repossession

Your vehicle is one of the most important things that you own.  It allows you to get to work, drive the kids to school and do all the other important things in our lives.  It allows you to live your life!  

Unfortunately, vehicles are also some of the most expensive things that we own.  In these troubled economic times, it is easy to fall behind on car payments.  While lenders treat the situation differently and give you different grace periods, at some point the lender will look to repossess the vehicle as they are allowed to do under Alabama law.  If repossessed, they will then sell the vehicle and come after you for the difference you still owe.

Do not allow your situation to get out of hand.  Call today to schedule your free initial consultation so we can discuss how to save your vehicle from repossession.  Just because you have missed a few payments does not mean you have to lose it.  By filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can prevent the repossession and often times pay less than you owe under the contract for the vehicle.