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Bringing peace of mind to the people of Tuscaloosa, Walker and surrounding counties.


If you own your home and are one of the millions of Americans who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, you may be facing the devastating reality of a looming foreclosure.  With falling incomes, shrinking home values, mounting debts and rising prices, far too many families in Alabama and across the country have had to face the tough decision of which bills to pay and which to let slide another month.  If you have missed even a few monthly mortgage payments, your lender or servicer may have already sent you threatening letters of possible foreclosure.  You may have even received the actual notice of foreclosure and been contacted by an attorney.

The good news is that you are not alone, and there is a solution.  You do not have to lose the home you have worked so hard to build and maintain for your family.  By scheduling a free initial consultation with the Elmer Law Firm, we will find out exactly what your options are and which avenue would be best.  By filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can prevent the pending foreclosure, no matter what stage of that process you are in, and catch up the amount that you are behind.  

The important thing is to act quickly and call us at 205-286-8111 so we can do our job to fix the situation.