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Wage and Bank Garnishment

When we fall behind on a debt owed to a creditor, if that situation is not dealth with, it will eventually end with you being sued by the creditor or a collection company.  Often times, when we receive service of a lawsuit, the debt is many years old.  You may not even remember having incurred the debt in the first place.  But if you do not fight the lawsuit in state court, the lawsuit will turn into a garnishment of your bank account, your pay check, or even a lien on your home or other property.

Before you get to this stage of losing your hard earned money to a debt collector, call the Elmer Law Firm so we can discuss your options and stop the litigation before this happens.  We can often times stop the garnishment before it happens, or even get back money that has already been garnished by filing a bankruptcy.  

Most important of all is that you have to act quickly before the damage is done.  

Call us today at 205-286-8111 so we can help prevent your wages from being garnished.